Created to empower both employers and their workforce, our platform is a digital pathway to wellness and individual development. It is built on the latest industry research, and its five core modules offer a complete body-mind-spirit journey effortlessly combining traditional and holistic approaches.
The platform provides readily available wellbeing hacks and tips, exercise videos and importantly a vast catalogue of expert practitioners spanning from nutrition, stress/anxiety management, breathing techniques, presentation skills or productivity hacks that make sense to you personally.
All of our experts are hand-picked, tested and available to deliver their services digitally over a video call. Each module contains a portfolio of face to face sessions or a number of instant digital downloads available.
Our content is unique – from a return to work after having a baby to hacks on how to be jetlag free and sharp for high power meetings and everything in between.
Our focus is on celebrating our individual journey of wellbeing and giving power of choice and initiative back to your talented workforce.

We work with companies from A-Z. From designing their wellbeing identities and developing their wellness offerings to innovative digital solutions and onsite products.

Our Mission

Wellness at the workplace is our obsession. Our mission is very simple – we want to see a permanent improvement of physical and mental health at the workplace. We believe that a mind-body-spirit balance and a fulfilled life is every individual’s birthright and we are here to help employers support their workforce on that journey.

Our Goals

Our focus is on celebrating the individual journey of wellbeing. We are here to give the power of choice to your talented workforce.

The Elevated Living Way

  • Embrace happiness as a birthright
  • Easy and sustainable change
  • Become known for the right reasons
  • Strategy and design as unique as you

We take workplace wellness beyond the fitness, nutrition and motivational talks. We are here to help companies discover, align and implement the next steps so that they can become and even more attractive employer with a thriving company culture.
All of our work is bespoke and based on your specific needs and culture. What we help you deliver is outlined in easy to adopt and follow steps.

Why Choose Us?

  • To become a leader in a work/life integration programs and attract/retain highly talented workforce.
  • To access personalized training digitally or for a non-office based workforce.
  • To understand your employee's mindset and preferences and rapidly deliver change.
  • To achieve better and faster utilization of wellbeing programs as well as return on training and wellbeing investments.
  • To reduce absence and/or presentism cost and days lost related to stress, anxiety, burnout and mental health.
  • To increase employee satisfaction and productivity.

We will help you design a customized strategy and allocate some of your Learning and Development and/or Wellbeing budgets as employee credits. And as they use credits, you will be given the data to gain an unprecedented insight of what your workforce really needs, their interests, and track their development. The reports provided can be used to gauge the overall mood and attitude accurately and help implement a much more targeted and effective on-site wellbeing strategy.
In addition, we have an exclusive and curated list of industry powerhouses and change-makers for an onsite speaker series, personalized coaching sessions, or to take part in strategic planning sessions.


Book a discovery call or a meeting with one of our experts to understand what Bliss.Work can do for your organization.